Ayushpa Organics

Ayushpa Organics is the organic food delivery company with the mission of delivering health through Food & Healthy LifeStyle products. By connecting farmers with the customers, Ayushpa Organics not only brings together the two sides of the supply chains but also improves the farmer's economic and Customer's quality of life. It promotes the chemical-free economy with its wide range of organic foods and also takes care of making them available right at the convenience of their customers through its 'Shop on Wheels' concept.

  • Organic Food
  • Branding

    Work Undertaken

  • Taking Ayushpa Organics' mission and vision into consideration, Bizllence had put its creative stake into action and designed a branding that purely depicts its organic approach. By taking care of convincing and convenient factor into consideration, Bizllece created the Branding. This helped Ayushpa Organics to convey its great cause of a green organic economy to its customers and created a sustainable image in the minds of its customers.