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Propower Labs Case Study

About propower labs Products

A & N product provides nutritional food for the gym freak people. A&N products are formulated by combining the premium imported ingredients from the USA and other developed countries. After a long cutting edge, research and technology standards are optimized for Efficacy, Taste, and Mixability. Not only efficiency but also a unique taste (Flavor+Aroma) of product made it the most favorite brand in the fitness sector. The A & N are liable to provide a range of highest quality products and services that will satisfy the current and future needs of customers.


A & N product wanted to target the young generation who are very conscious about their health. They wanted us to use our web development knowledge to develop a website which contains all the product list and cost. They wanted us to design a website that primarily attracts people who are fitness freak. Also they wanted to use our Branding technique to increase their brand visibility and awareness among their targeted audience.


Already at the start, we understand the importance of the project and layout too. We design a website from scratch. We decided to use some smooth animation parts to increase usability. We pay more attention to the product page design and website sliders. After website design completion we did the testing of website performance for a different device like Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. After this testing, we improved the performance of the website. Our Expert team analyzes their restaurant's existing branding strategy to decide what we have to do to increase branding. Then we decide to do work on their logo, banner, menu card, visiting card, stationery, standee, brochures design, packaging design. We design their menu card which is simple to understand for the customer, standee give a clean idea about Cafe London Dreams. Besides that we have also provide them social media creatives post.


The A & N product company was very happy with our design work. The website alignment is exactly what the client wants. That shows the product very effective. They like the website structure and layout. Website performance and mobile responsiveness are good. Our branding activities starting having significant results right after a month we implemented them. After the website was launched and branding services are done the website visit was increased and the leads generation count is also increased.