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Kadak Special Case Study

About Kadak Special

Kadak special is a specialist in tea making. They are having their restaurant of tea specialist and also they are providing other Indian beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, cold chocolate, masala milk, Think cold coffee, cadd-be, oreo shake, kokum, lassi, tak, etc. Kadak Special not only provides normal tea they have a variety of tea in their restaurant like Irani tea, Green tea, Dry fruit tea, ice tea, etc.


Kadak Special's main purpose is to do social media marketing, website designing, visiting card, rate card, standee, banners, menu card, digital display, presentation. They wanted to increase their social media marketing presence and branding of the business. They needed to use our best social media marketing strategies and branding strategies to increase the branding and more importantly, they want to increase sales and lead.


The main objective is to increase the followers of the page to create brand awareness. Social presence was created and a series of the post was planned. The post was focused on all the food items in the restaurant. We designed a post using our different tactics to attract the customer to try the restaurant's drinks and food. Online reputation management was done to ensure a quick response. Facebook and Instagram promotions were adopted for driving traffic. We design a website, visiting card, rate card, standee, banners, menu card, digital display, presentation to increase awareness.


Our social media marketing and branding activities started having a significant difference in the result. The Kadak special sales were increased by 50%. Facebook page followers get increases. The posts started having a great engagement level. The overall result is achieved in 2 months.