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Cafe London Dreams Case Study

About Cafe London Dreams

Cafe London Dreams is a restaurant that specially curest for the health freaks out there. They fulfill all nutritional needs by serving the best nutritious food full of vitamins. Cafe London Dreams have their certified Nutritionist. All the meals are designed by this professional nutrition. All vegetables and fruits used are procured directly from farms. Cafe London Dreams' first vision is to provide you the nutritious food which is health-conscious.


Cafe London Dreams needed to do the branding of the restaurant to increase awareness about their specialty. Cafe London Dreams provides all the services that make an individual accomplish their dreams about healthy life and fitness. They wanted to use our Branding technique to increase their brand visibility and awareness. They want to design a landing page which contains all the product they serve.


First, Our Expert team analyzes their restaurant's existing branding strategy to decide what we have to do to increase branding. Then we decide to do work on their logo, menu card, landing page, stationery, standee. We design their menu card which is simple to understand for the customer, standee give a clean idea about Cafe London Dreams.


Our branding activities starting having significant results right after a month we implemented them. Before the Branding activity, they are not receiving the proper sale. After branding activity, their sale has increased by almost 50%. Our branding strategies work very well for the restaurant.