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Bella Salon Case Study

About Bella Salon

Bella salon provides all the services to make people beautiful. Their services start from a college makeover to the bridal makeup and from a corporate function touch up to the festival makeover. moreover, they also provide head massage, body massage, and body polishing.

Clients Brief

Bella Salon needed to do the branding of their business, they also need a website that will describe all their services deeply. Bella Salon provides all the services that make individuals' life beautiful. Bella salon wanted to use our expert's branding services to increase their reach and awareness.


To Increase the branding of the Bella saloon we started designing their Website, logo, and standee. We produce several videos which contain the overall activities done in the Bella saloon. We designed the standee which gives the customer an understanding of what services Bella salon provides. We designed the website which contains all the points which consumers wished to grab.


Bella Salon's inquiries were increased. People started to share the brochures we design. The standee design by us becomes an attractive point for the viewers. This way our branding strategy help Bella salon to increase the sale. The Website provides by us is well received by the client and liked by customers.