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6 Common websites redesign mistakes that negatively affect SEO

Your Website is becoming the face of your business, so your business needs to redesign the website according to the marketing trends. Negotiating the importance of SEO while designing the website is like selling a big product without any marketing roadmap and strategy.

A genius web designer knows all the marketing trends and industry guidelines to design the website that will become profitable for the business. There is no point in designing a beautiful website and investing lots of money if it is not getting rank on search engines organically.

Your website is the basic and first step for your business. Customers will visit your business to get an idea about your overall business, product, and services from your website. If your first step is not accessible to the customer's none of your customers will never know you. Thus only presenting a good and beautiful website is not enough for today's world. Unless your customers can easily find and access your website, it won't be beneficial.

As a website owner, you need to take care of some common and serious design mistakes which damage your website’s SEO and organic search ranking.

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Some websites contain welcome pages or a splash page which means that when users click on the link the search engine could lead that user to that welcome page instead of the other website pages that have relevant content. Subsequently, this will increase the bounce rate of your website.Therefore, if you watch closely, Many people have disposed of the idea of “Welcome Page” and replaced it with a “Click Here to Enter” script.


If you put a high number of pop-up ads on your website this will automatically lower your search engine ranking as SEO is an important part for your lead generation. If your website continuously shows banner ads or popups search engines will completely ignore you from the search engine result.

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Search engines always give more importance and prefer a website that has internal linking. Internal links will link the site within the post and that will redirect the user to the other pages of the website. This will increase the total time spent on the website by the user and decrease the bounce rate. The search engine also supports the back-linking to the website with high ranking. so, If you do not have enough internal linking done on your website you are not doing proper SEO activities and this will lead you to decrease the number of visitors to your website.


The beginning of social media has somehow made "endless scrolling websites" well known. In any case, as a website designer you have to get that even though scrolling works for social media sites, they don't do well in search engines that are inconstant lookout for keywords.


This does not always happen, but if the web page is ranking well in search engine,changing the name of an image on the page could imply that the positioning of that page could incur significant damage. This is pretty much a circumstance that emerges when the website designers have little thought of what they are doing. During the process of redesigning the website, the older images on web pages will get replaced with new and larger images with of course different names which eventually compromise the SEO value of that page. The important features of a page that search engines consider are carried away leaving after a fresh page with very small impact on a search engine.


When you redesign any website it is obvious that some pages of the website seem not important for you. Website designing is not simply building pages and making changes to it. It is a procedure of understanding the overall dynamics of a website remembering how the changes are probably going to influence SEO.

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A web designer with little experience will simply delete the web pages which are not required, and move the other pages which means URL is changed. Some designers will change the URL and will relax the thinning task. However, the designer does not understand that if the page already ranks well, then inbound points for that page may be great or many users might have bookmarked the same for reuse. Therefore, When pages get deleted the SEO value of that page and eventually the website is lost which creates a huge response on organic ranking.

Furthermore, Google also takes into account user experience as ranking factor to rank a website organically. Hence, when a page will get deleted or URL has been changed shows the 404 page not found message which badly affects the user experience.

The best idea to avoid this is to redirect the unwanted page to the relevant pages that already exist on the website. In such cases 301 redirection should be used.