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Hosting Webinars can help you grow your Business

Locked up in the lockdown, many businesses have taken a hit. However many have realized the power of hosting webinars. If you are an Entrepreneur, you must have been familiar with the concept of webinar already and if not, lockdown must have got you.

Nowadays as lockdown is extending it's becoming difficult for business owners to keep their customers engaging with their business. Online webinars help to connect a wider range of audiences to promote the brand. Click to Tweet

Webinar can really help you generate leads for your business. Wondering how? Let’s get to it!

Current market trend in 2020 is going towards realism. More than companies and businesses this is the trend of industrial thought leaders. People love to buy what they are able to see and experience at it’s best. This is the age of social media, the more you share your thoughts and lead the way in your industry, the more advantage you have in business.

Webinar is a great way to share your thoughts, concepts, information about trending topics in your business and much more. Webinars can be hosted in several ways, you can select what fits best for your content.

Let’s see what are few of the options –

  1. Panel Discussion — In this you have more than two speakers, where you can set a topic of discussion and a Q&A session for your audience. It is an easiest way to get a new audience for you, as each speaker you invite will have a set of their own audience. Moreover attendees also join to be able to get expert answers from multiple speakers at the same time.
  2. In conversation with — This is where two experts from similar or complementing profiles have a conversation. You can use it to have a conversation about the trending challenges of the industry and give in depth insights that can help many. One can guide about the industry and another can talk about the future possibilities. This kind of conversation is often liked by the attendees and can help you get more of them each time.
  3. Freebie — This is good to start with. Give free content, information, or insights in your expert area. That will help people to understand your business and many of them will be encouraged to see and hear more from you.
  4. Direct promotion — Webinar where you directly tell about your business and give few strategies, examples or even case studies of your business can be categorized in direct promotion activity. This is best for attendees to learn something from you and also get more knowledge about your industrial skills as a result people are more likely to consult with you on their business challenge and you can always offer solutions as a part of your business.
  5. Interview — You can call any renowned speaker and ask meaningful questions that most of the people would love to hear about. It can be about industrial challenge, personal challenge or even general thoughts.

In all the above options where you will be calling speakers, you need to consider what audience they have and how beneficial can be the content of the webinar for your business.

You can always find industrial experts from around you. Be clear with your content and be honest when you are actually selling. This helps in retaining your audience.

I hope this will help you use webinars for your business if you have not already.