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Future of SEO- Best Tips and Strategies for 2020

These days voice-based search is becoming a popular way of searching on the internet and people are having command on voice search rather than typing it out on search engines. Alexa, Hey Siri, OK Google - is becoming now very common phrases and voice search is becoming the most usable way of searching. This is why we find several devices available that are intended to give solutions using voice-based commands. As mobile phones and other handheld devices are becoming so affordable, people are not only using voice-based searches more than before, they are also using it for managing searches in vernacular languages. Voice search has already started affecting SEO strategies by involving these three aspects – voice, video, and vernacular. As the best SEO company in Pune, we are giving some tips that will help you to move forward to the future of SEO with support and ease.

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1. Preparing for Voice Search in 2020

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai stated that error and issue in voice command technique has been reduced to 8%. After 3 years this deficiency has come to only 3 percent.

Aside from their usage on cell phones we currently have savvy speakers, brilliant TVs, and smart homes wherein various connected devices are intended to cooperate, all utilizing voice commands.

Best Voice SEO Tips & Strategies for 2020

As voice search is becoming very important nowadays, you just need to know some tips and strategies to use it.

Keyword Research

When we think about the voice search SEO we need to understand that when we use voice search methods we generally ask a question and when we type we generally tend to write phrases. It is then important to think about the questions that people may ask around your targeted keywords.

Local Content Queries

If you want to be an expert of voice search optimization, here are a few important rules concerning to keywords that you must include in your SEO strategy

  • Landmarks around business locations must be used
  • Titles of local institutions which are of relevance to your business
  • Include the terms “near me” in your title tags, anchor text, meta description, and internal links, and
  • Make use of the phrases that people are most likely to use to describe a neighborhood around them

Being Mobile Friendly

Notwithstanding increasing the usages of the smart speaker and other devices, many of the voice search is still done by using mobile phones. So it becomes essential that your website should be mobile-friendly. This is because voice search results tend to open a huge 52% faster in comparison to other pages. And for this you first need to make sure that your website has responsive web design.

2. Preparing for Video Search in 2020

Video SEO is not the same as a regular website SEO. If you need to rank the video then you must need to take necessary steps to optimize the video

Best Video SEO Tips & Strategies for 2020

Here are a few video SEO tips and strategies for 2020 to help you better optimize your videos

Keyword Research

The video search keyword is essential because most of the video views on your video come from youtube suggesting videos to the user. You need to mold your video around that keyword only. This step is very crucial as the content on YouTube is surrounded in 56 countries across 61 languages and the platform has seen a 50% rise in viewership over the last year.

Video Transcripts

There are two advantages of adding transcripts to videos. First is, it causes in connecting with a more extensive crowd and secondly, it makes it simpler for the search bots to crawl through it because there is more content accessible for them to experience.

Engaging Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first things users see when a video search result appears. Most of the users continue video based on the thumbnails and thus thumbnails also add more impact on click-through rate. The thumbnail thus needs to be very attractive and engaging.

3. Preparing for Vernacular SEO in 2020

The use of the internet by non-English speakers is increasing day by day. According to a survey by Internet World Stats, more than half of the searches on Google are done in other languages than English.

Very less number m=of marketers understand and use these trends. There is a lot of competition in the English keyword where for other languages it is completely opposite. Thus, if you properly use vernacular SEO your audience rate will increase, and also your search engine ranking will definitely go up.

Best Vernacular SEO Tips & Strategies for 2020

Here are a few vernacular SEO tips and strategies for 2020 to help you reach the top ranks

Securing a Domain Name

In-country domain names are an important aspect as many search engines give lots of importance to in-country domain names. It becomes more ideal if you use an in-country domain name for each market you want to target instead of using a subdomain for your main website.

Target the Right Search Engines

Google is the most used and biggest search engine in the world but is not a leader in every region. Different countries people prefer different search engines. For instance, in Japan Yahoo is preferred, the Chinese use Baidu, Russians opt for Yandex. Thus we need to target the right search engine in the respective country.

Creating In-Country Links

One of the best ways to increase search engine ranking of your website is link building. This can be done by targeting the web directories of each country. The benefit you can get here is Google’s ‘duplication rule’ does not fit here. It means you can reuse already existing content in a different language. However, you must borrow translators of high-quality for that goal.